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  • Books for pleasure and profit.

    Books for pleasure and profit.

    This article first appeared in the Collector’s Corner of the Sunday Business Post on 20 February 2000 Book collecting has for years inhabited an inaccessible world of dark, musty shops open only to the erudite and the initiated This esoteric image may have been true once. but today it is a myth. The business is…

  • Tell me something I don’t know!

    Yes, yes. I know. The first thing that most people will say on seeing my first post to the ‘Old Articles’ section, is …. wait for it… You have HAIR!!! Well, Doh! Actually the past tense would be entirely more appropriate, as in ‘had’ hair. And yes I did have hair in those pics for…

  • Up and Running!

    Up and Running!

    Finally. Thank you WordPress and Blacknight. Well, what can I say but …hold on to your coat-tails, here we go!!!

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