Anthony Vizzari – A tale of cameras, booths and bodies.

Cameraman Philip Bloom has worn many hats through-out his career, amongst them photographer, blogger, entrepreneur, educator, writer, marketeer.  Apologies if I have missed any. It is through his wonderful talents as a film-maker however that he has risen to prominence outside of his industry.

He has made many fine short films over the past number of years, many of which can be seen on his site, or on his Vimeo page. One of my favourites is his short documentary about the camera shop owner and collector Anthony Vizzari.

Vizzari sells antique photographic equipment, cameras etc. but also collects old antique Photo-Booths. The short documentary film below by Bloom, tells Vizzari’s story and also delves deeper into another interesting but macabre subject that Vizzari has been collecting for years. (Warning some of the images can be a bit disturbing)

Booths & Bodies: The life and work of Anthony Vizzari from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


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