Tell me something I don’t know!

Horsemen Pass By

Yes, yes. I know. The first thing that most people will say on seeing my first post to the ‘Old Articles’ section, is …. wait for it… You have HAIR!!! Well, Doh!

Actually the past tense would be entirely more appropriate, as in ‘had’ hair. And yes I did have hair in those pics for the Sunday Business Post, many moons ago, there’s no shame in that.  But here’s another snippet of news for you all … I actually had hair for nigh on 35 years , which, considering my genetic inheritance is not doing too shabby at all.  And since we’re in confessional mode I can relate that I also weighed 9 pounds … once!

But that’s one particular cul-de-sac that we shouldn’t go down right now. Maybe at some time in the future.

Anyway, we’re getting off the point, here is the first post to the ‘Old Articles’ Section. Text to follow, once I get that whole scanning thing sorted. Hope you enjoy…






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